The Top 5 Reasons Dentists NEED a Team Communication Tool

If you are looking to increase productivity, decrease stress, and maximize production you may have considered a team messaging platform for your office.

But is it really worth the switch? Here are 5 reasons you might consider it:

1. Increased Team Efficiency

Taking advantage of a tool like OperaDDS Chat for your office creates the one thing we could all use more of… TIME! Every time we are waiting to tell a team member something, walking to deliver a message, or playing “Where’s Waldo” looking for Dr. Johnson we are wasting our most precious resource.

Team Chat allows you to communicate INSTANTLY, regardless of where team members are.

Utilizing a smart watch (Apple Watches are very popular), Dr. Johnson can receive messages discreetly and read them with a glance in the middle of an exam… Or even if he is at lunch across the street!

That might be why OperaDDS Chat has earned the nickname of “The Digital Lasso For Dentists”. 😉

2. 100% Accurate Messaging

We’ve all played the telephone game in grade school. Where a message is passed from one child to the next, only to end up as something completely different and humorous by the time it reaches the end of the chain.

The problem is in the dental office mistakes are not humorous. They open us up for HIPAA violations, frustrations, and throw a bucket of cold water on our productivity. With a digital, team messaging system like OperaDDS messages are sent and received instantly and accurately with ease.

When Stacy sends a message from the workstation in her operatory to let Dr. Johnson know that his 2 pm is ready in Operatory 3 there is no question whether she needs to go find him…

With OperaDDS Chat Stacy can tell at a glance if Dr. Johnson has read the message or not!

3. Increased Case Acceptance

When it comes to case acceptance, a team messaging system like OperaDDS Chat provides two powerful keys to skyrocketing your case acceptance.

First, by effectively communicating you are easily on the same page with your entire team. This raises the confidence your patient has in you and your team. When RDH Tina messages that your patient has poor oral hygiene and Dr. Johnson comes in directly addressing the patient’s issue without the need to talk to Tina, patients see their issue as a forgone conclusion.

Second, by increasing the efficiency of your team, you will be able to offer same day treatment more frequently. This drastically increases the amount of “yes’s” you receive to prescribed treatment plans.

Overall this is a massive benefit that makes utilizing a team messaging system a wise investment for any dental office.

4. Instantly Lower Stress

In a dental office there are many reasons to get stressed out. While new technologies like OperaVR are blazing new trails to help, there is still a lot of stress that patients bring in with them and transmit to your team.

Unfortunately the lack of a communication tool only increases patient anxiety, forcing team members to chase one another down around the office to grab the Dr., check if patients are ready, or other tasks.

An effective team messaging solution that allows for secure instant messaging between team members is a game changer. Instead of waiting around, team members can send a message and move on.

Instead of chasing down the Dr. they can use their “Digital Lasso” to makes sure they are in the loop with their patients.

5. Healthy Communication

None of us enjoy repeating ourselves… But without the right tools it is an unfortunate necessity. When urgent situations come up, we find ourselves resorting to running around looking for team members and repeating ourselves when we inevitably don’t hear back.

While well intentioned, it isn’t long before Sara the receptionist is rolling her eyes everytime Patty is running to the front to check to see if her 9:15 is ready yet!

A digital team messaging system like OperaDDS Chat is the easy way to keep things calm, efficient, and instant… Without nagging, babysitting, or other well intentioned behaviors that weigh on your team and breed conflict.

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