Pre-Screen Your Patients For COVID-19

Before each appointment email or text a COVID-19 screening form (example here). Based on the CDC guidelines this form will allow you to pre-screen and make critical decisions regarding at risk patients before they arrive at your office.

Taking proactive steps like this helps to protect your team, your patients, and your community. To sign up for your kit click the button below.

COVID-19 Screening Form for Dentists
Handle dental emergencies with OperaDDS Teledentistry Forms

Use A Teledentistry Emergency Triage Form

Reduce unnecessary emergency appointments and exposure by using a Teledentistry Emergency Triage Form. This form can be easily texted or emailed and allows patients to securely send photos and videos of their issue. The doctor can review the information and make an educated decision on whether the case warrants an emergency appointment.

Users have shared that the ability to see what has going on without an office visit has reduced after hours and weekend appointments by up to 80%. A crucial step to reduce the burden and exposure of your concerned team.


Let Your Team Know You Care

If your practice is anything like mine team members are incredibly concerned, confused, and looking for leadership. Let your team know about the proactive steps you are taking to reduce the potential for exposure.

Click the button below to get your COVID-19 Screening Kit and start screening patients before their appointments today.

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I really love all the features of OperaDDS. The Recall messages are customizable and very easy to manage, and also the "Action Required" tab makes it so easy to reach out to patients and work with them for whatever concerns they have. The Chat system in office is awesome. We are loving it!

Dr. Grace Chung

General Dentist

"With OperaDDS we can exchange information through a user friendly platform that rids us of the traditional communication systems that more often than not, fail. I used to think that communication was the weak link in our office; OperaDDS has definitely changed this."

Dr. Renee Camara

“I’ve been a user and fan of the OperaDDS app for many years now. Having a very busy practice, I was always on the lookout for a quality office communication system that could reduce some of the chaos and keep us running efficiently and professionally.   Then I found OperaDDS.  I love the Chat feature with the Apple Watch to communicate back and forth with my team.  I don’t have to take my phone with me. It’s perfect!  It makes my workday so smooth!”

Dr. Brandon Tiek

General Dentist

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