How A General Dentist Increased Revenue $42k Per Month With OperaDDS Team Chat

Lake Minnetonka Dental (LMD) is a state-of-the-art practice in Wayzata, MN. The entire staff is committed to improving the patient experience using advancements in dental technology. Since 2001, LMD has offered a full range of services. Their ability to provide same-day treatments, however, has separated LMD as a leader in leveraging technology to provide the best patient experience. Due to the proactive nature of the practice, staff members at LMD required a dental communication platform to facilitate instant, organized messaging.

After implementing OperaDDS, Lake Minnetonka Dental experienced a 30% spike in productivity, which resulted in an increase of $42,000 in monthly revenue from same-day services.

By the Numbers

The jump in additional monthly revenue for LMD is attributed solely to same-day dentistry. These procedures were not scheduled or planned prior to the patient coming in for their visit.

During a typical day at Lake Minnetonka Dental, the practice has on staff:

  • 3 doctors
  • 4 hygienists
  • 3 front desk associates
  • 5 assistants

The 11-operatory practice averages five same-day procedures during a shift. It isn’t unusual for that number to double on busier days. On August 9, 2017, LMD completed 21 same-day treatments during regular business hours, a record for the practice.

“That was an extraordinary day from a communication standpoint,” said Kersten Hoffman, Clinic Administrator.

But the advantages of OperaDDS aren’t limited to increasing case acceptance, she added.

Lake Minnetonka Dental estimates the dental communication platform generates more than $15,000 a month from saved appointments – on average, two a day.

“We especially like the direct texting feature of OperaDDS,” said Hoffman, “which allows us to communicate with patients in real-time to accommodate their needs.”

OperaDDS Case Study

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Simple, Secure Coordination of Care

Patients’ lives are busier than ever. They’re looking for efficiency in their treatments. Lake Minnetonka Dental uses OperaDDS as rocket fuel for same-day dentistry and case acceptance. The immediate, organized communication allows staff to control flow within the practice.

Using the patent-pending Checklist Messaging feature allows the practitioner to receive vital information in the same order every time. As such, the dentists at LMD can enter the operatory with a solution to the patient’s problem rather than more questions.

“At LMD, we have drastically increased implant case acceptance due to the simple, secure coordination of care,” said Hoffman.

Patients are 40% more likely to stay for additional treatment when arrangements have already been made to provide a seamless transition from the hygiene chair to the restorative chair.

The combination of an efficient workflow and the capacity for same-day dentistry increased production 30% at LMD by creating calm, immediate, and effective lines of communication, without the need for any new equipment.