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Have a friend or colleague who could use an army of "robot helpers" in their practice? How about an anxiety melting drug free sedation option for patients with dental anxiety?

If you have a friend or colleague who might be interested in one of our products you can earn up to $200 per sale.

-> Paperless Forms Plan: $50 -> $100
-> Forms + Recall or Forms + Recall + Reviews: $100 -> $200
-> OperaVR: $150 per headset

To make a referral, simply complete the the form to the right (or below on mobile). Your referral bonus will be paid via the paypal address you provide 30 days after purchase.

To get started, simply complete the form on this page. We will follow up if we have any questions. After you submit the information we will reach out to schedule a demo and offer any current specials we are running.

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