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OperaDDS Forms

Intake, management, and the transmittal of sensitive information is a necessity in your office. Add to it the need for consent forms for just about every procedure and you have added a considerable burden to your team, and you budget, for all the supplies.

OperaDDS is the easy solution. Streamline 15 minutes of busy work, eliminated with a click!

OperaDDS Paperless Forms
OperaDDS Chat Intra Office Messaging System
Reduce Appointment Delays

Every Minute Counts

Every piece of paper that exists in your practice requires printing, handling, sorting, filling out, verification, scanning, filing, and shredding. Imagine eliminating all of that busy work with a click.

Manage your important documents securely and only a click away with OperaDDS Forms. Patient's can easily fill out OperaDDS Forms on your website, iPad, or via text message, email and even receive new patient forms automatically. Consent forms, previously a huge time-waster for the clinical team, now are done in seconds from an iPad.

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Go Green - Save Green

Eliminate Costly Waste

In addition to the amount of time your team spends working with old-fashioned paper forms for intake and consent, the additional hard cost cannot be ignored. As a classic car requiring constant maintainance; paper forms bring with them extra wear and tear on equipment such as printers and scanners and consume costly products, like toner and paper itself.

Upgrading your paper to OperaDDS Forms delivers an immediate savings to your bottom line.

OperaDDS After Hours Emergency Messaging System for Dentists
Easy To Get Started

We’ll Take It From Here...

To get started we recommend scheduling a demo with our team. If it is a fit we will simply have you scan and email us your existing forms. Our team will take care of the rest!

Once your account is ready we will train any team members you wish on how your new forms work!


OperaDDS Forms Include


Email, Text, Or Post Forms On Your Website


100% HIPAA Compliant


No iPads Required, Fill Out On Any Device


Fully Mobile Compatible


No Contracts

OperaDDS Is The Easy Solution - Trusted by Over 10,000 Practices

Dee Ann Recktenwald - Practice Administrator

“The forms look great and are so easy to use! Our image is so important and you have created documents that reflect who we are. No more copying, scanning and shredding, the administrative team loves this! They also are very happy to save several trees in the process!”

Deanne Recktenwald, Practice Administrator, RDH

IQ Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

I really love all the features of OperaDDS. The Recall messages are customizable and very easy to manage, and also the "Action Required" tab makes it so easy to reach out to patients and work with them for whatever concerns they have. The Chat system in office is awesome. We are loving it!

Dr. Grace Chung

General Dentist

Tim Goodheart DDS

“I traveled to Ireland in May and stayed in contact with the office each day by accessing Opera. I was able to check in with each person, answer any questions, etc. So Opera is a world travel companion too!”

Dr. Tim Goodheart

General Dentist

"With OperaDDS we can exchange information through a user friendly platform that rids us of the traditional communication systems that more often than not, fail. I used to think that communication was the weak link in our office; OperaDDS has definitely changed this."

Dr. Renee Camara
Dr James Klim OperaDDS Testimonial

“We use OperaDDS chat, forms and secure email. Absolutely love it!!!!”

Dr. James Klim

Cosmetic and Restorative Dentist

“I’ve been a user and fan of the OperaDDS app for many years now. Having a very busy practice, I was always on the lookout for a quality office communication system that could reduce some of the chaos and keep us running efficiently and professionally.   Then I found OperaDDS.  I love the Chat feature with the Apple Watch to communicate back and forth with my team.  I don’t have to take my phone with me. It’s perfect!  It makes my workday so smooth!”

Dr. Brandon Tiek

General Dentist

Hagen Dental - Jesse Hagen DDS

“OperaDDS has been a great addition to our office. It is rare to have a dental software rapidly evolve and improve over time. OperaDDS does both. So many HIPAA compliant services are complicated and hard to implement. OperaDDS is very simple and intuitive. The service is very easy to use and as more pieces are brought online it becomes an even more valuable tool. The level of customer care that the company provides is incredible. I would highly recommend this service for anyone looking to simplify their HIPAA compliant communications.”

Dr. Jesse Hagen

General Dentist

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