OperaDDS Paperless Forms
Any Form - Any Device - Anywhere

OperaDDS Forms

Intake, management, and the transmittal of sensitive information is a necessity in your office.  Add to it the need for consent forms for just about every procedure and you have a considerable burden on your hands.  Help your team by removing the burden.

OperaDDS is the easy solution.  Streamline 15 minutes of busy work, with a click!

OperaDDS Paperless Forms
OperaDDS Secure Recall for Dentists with 2 Way Texting
Easily Reduce No-Shows And Fill Your Schedule

OperaDDS Recall

Getting patients to show up via recall is a necessity in today’s busy world.  We take recall a step further by automating the process and adding handy features like 2 way texting to keep your schedule full.  If your patient replies that they can’t make it, simply suggest another time and reschedule immediately.

OperaDDS Recall is the easy solution.  Low cost, no contracts, massive results.

OperaDDS Social Media Review Tool for Dentists
Take Control Of Your Online Reputation

OperaDDS Reviews

Your online reputation is more important than ever for your practice.  Knowing where you stand is only a click away.  Our fully automated, intelligent system pushes positive reviews to social media platforms while flagging issues and bringing them to your attention so your team can resolve them privately.

OperaDDS Reviews is the easy solution for automated reputation management and growth.

OperaDDS Social Media Review Tool for Dentists
OperaDDS Chat Intra Office Messaging System
Communicate Like Never Before

OperaDDS Chat

Never chase down a team member again!  With OperaDDS Chat everyone is only a message away.  Easily message securely and instantly from any device with patient updates and handoff checklists allowing you to have all necessary information, creating better case acceptance and patient experiences.

OperaDDS Chat is the easy solution to walk into every appointment prepared!

OperaVR Digital Nitrous anxiety melting drug free sedation system for dental offices
Confront The Elephant In The Room

OperaVR: Digital Nitrous

The massive amount of dental anxiety we deal with every day not only reduces case acceptance, it also drains our entire team.  OperaVR is as effective as nitrous oxide in combating pain and anxiety, while being drug free, low cost, and set up in less than 30 seconds.

OperaVR is the easy solution to lowering anxiety and increasing case acceptance!

OperaVR Digital Nitrous anxiety melting drug free sedation system for dental offices
OperaDDS Secure HIPAA compliant email and file storage
The Smart SECURE Way To Email

OperaDDS Secure Email

The nature and variety of information we need to handle (CT scans, secure patient information, etc) make traditional solutions like Gmail, Yahoo mail, and others insufficient and leave you vulnerable to costly HIPAA violations.  Additionally, we’ve got your back if you send the wrong email to the wrong person, with easy email retraction.

OperaDDS Secure Email is the easy solution for HIPAA compliant email.

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Everything In One Place...

Every day our team deals with a dozen point solutions to accomplish everything we need.  OperaDDS offers everything you need under one login at 1/3 the price. 


Massive Productivity Boosts

OperaDDS is designed to streamline tasks in a busy dental office.  Equipping your team with OperaDDS makes delivering dentistry easy.  


The Gold Standard In Security

Every tool in our suite is designed with HIPAA compliance in mind.  If you're using OperaDDS you can relax, we've got you covered!


EASY Setup and Use

We often hear about how "EASY" we are to work with. Our dedicated on-boarding specialists go the extra mile to ensure installation and training are a breeze for your team!

The Easy Solution - Trusted by Over 5,000 Practices

I really love all the features of OperaDDS. The Recall messages are customizable and very easy to manage, and also the "Action Required" tab makes it so easy to reach out to patients and work with them for whatever concerns they have. The Chat system in office is awesome. We are loving it!

Dr. Grace Chung

General Dentist

"With OperaDDS we can exchange information through a user friendly platform that rids us of the traditional communication systems that more often than not, fail. I used to think that communication was the weak link in our office; OperaDDS has definitely changed this."

Dr. Renee Camara

“I’ve been a user and fan of the OperaDDS app for many years now. Having a very busy practice, I was always on the lookout for a quality office communication system that could reduce some of the chaos and keep us running efficiently and professionally.   Then I found OperaDDS.  I love the Chat feature with the Apple Watch to communicate back and forth with my team.  I don’t have to take my phone with me. It’s perfect!  It makes my workday so smooth!”

Dr. Brandon Tiek

General Dentist

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